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At our dental practice we work with children, teenagers and adults, to provide high quality dental exams, cleanings, and other services. Our dental office is a kind and comforting place for patients of all ages with a goal in ensuring that children have positive dental visits that are both helpful in treating and preventing dental issues as well as educational. It is our goal at Whiting Dental Associates to ensure that children especially understand the importance of building strong daily dental habits and are comfortable going to the dentist. 

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When Should Kids See A Dentist?

Years ago, it was common to wait for kids to get all of their primary (baby) teeth before seeing the dentist for the first time. In fact you can find some old parenting books that make that recommendation. But the American Dental Association and many dentists throughout the country recommend earlier first appointments. It is very common for kids who don’t see a dentist until they already have many of their primary teeth to have some oral issues that could have been prevented earlier. On top of this, it is always beneficial to provide children with preventative care and exams at a young age for all of their health. Issues caught earlier are always easies to resolve than issues caught further into development. For that reason, dentists recommend that infants have their first dental appointment when they either reach six months of age, or have their first baby teeth erupt. It is important to find a pediatric dentist that specializes in infant dental care if you are making an appointment for an infant. Many children see a pediatric dentist until old enough to transition to a family dentist. 

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How Can I Help My Child Take Care Of Their Teeth At Home?

The most important habits to instill into your children when it comes to oral health are good diet, routine dental visits, and regular brushing and flossing. First and foremost, example is everything. Your kids always look to you, their older siblings, and their friends for guidance on what is expected for them. By brushing and flossing, eating a healthy diet, and being very open about when you go to the dentist your kids will understand the importance of each of these things. Beyond that, here are a few tips for parenting kids about daily habits: 

  • Stickers & Calendars Help Track: One of the easiest ways to track a habit is by tracking how many days out of a week or month you can successfully do something. A quick calendar and some stickers are a great way for a child to track brushing and flossing. Each day should have room for at least 3 stickers: morning brush, night brush, and flossing. 
  • Music Is A Great Timer: It is one thing to brush and floss each day, it is another thing to do it with good technique. Many adults do not brush and floss long enough. And kids are the same. Music is a great timer. The length of an average song is well over the minimum recommendation for brushing your teeth. Listening to a song can help you brush for at least 2 minutes. 
  • Give Kids Control: A lot of kids show more passion for things when they get to impart their own creativity or aesthetics to a project. For example, letting them pick out the calendar and stickers, the music, or their toothbrush, can all help them take ownership of their oral health. Instead of it being something they are strictly told to do, it is something they have a small amount of creative control for. 

Why Is My Kid Scared Of The Dentist?

Honestly, the fear of doctors and dentists is fairly common. There are many different potential fears that can all meld together at a medical appointment. As family dentists, it is important for us to alleviate stress and fear and to help encourage positive dental experiences. To that end, it is important to identify where the fear might be coming from. 

  • Fear Of The Unknown: Being afraid of a doctor or a dentist sometimes stems form the natural fear of an unusual experience. There are two ways to quickly alleviate this. First and foremost, kids can learn about what to expect at the dental office from their parents, and dental providers can explain what they are doing as they are doing it. Additionally, parents can stay with their children to provide some familiarity. 
  • Fear Of A Loss Of Control: Another very natural fear is the fear of not controlling a situation. Let’s be honest, sitting in a chair with someone else touching your teeth can be a bit vulnerable. This might lead to kids trying to squirm or keep their mouths closed. One solution is to provide control to a patient. Telling children that they can pause the appointment by giving a thumbs up can very quickly fix this problem. That way if there is any pain or things get overwhelming they still have a way to control the situation. 
  • Fear Of Discomfort: If a child has been to a dentist before and felt pain, they might have some fear coming in to their next appointment. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to avoid all discomfort at the dental office, especially with cavity treatments and other restorative work. Again, communication can help alleviate this fear.

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