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Dental Crown & Dental Bridge Installation & Replacement in Swampscott

Our teeth are strong but they are not indestructible. For one reason or another, you might need to consider restorative services to replace part of a tooth or the entire tooth. Dental crowns are often used in conjunction with other treatments including bridges and root canals. But they are also often recommended on their own to replace damage to the chewing surface of a tooth caused by decay or a specific injury. Dental Bridges are often recommended for replacing a single tooth or nearby teeth and use the existing teeth as anchors to hold the false teeth in place. Our team provides full smile reconstructions, and can help you with your dental services. If you need to see a dentist or make an appointment for a family member please give our office a call. 

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When Do Dental Bridges and Crowns Need To Be Replaced?

Like our teeth, dental implements like crowns and bridges are also not indestructible. And many of them will need to be replaced over time. If you are seeing a dentist routinely (twice a year) you will likely be told when it is time to consider replacing a bridge or a dental crown because it is beginning to show signs of damage. At home though you should be aware of any warning signs that there is an issue with your bridge or dental crown. If something suddenly feels wrong like something is now loose or sharp in your mouth, or if something falls out, you should call a dentist immediately for replacement services. When a crown falls out or breaks, it can expose the rest of the tooth to damage so it is important to rinse out your mouth with warm water and avoid putting anything in your mouth until you can be seen by a dentist who can help replace what was broken or knocked out. The best way to prevent damage to crowns, bridges, and other dental implements is to make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. 

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When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

Damage To Teeth: Whether caused by dental decay (similar to a cavity), biting down on hard objects (ice cubes and non-food items), or a sudden injury, if the chewing surface of a tooth is damaged, cracked, or decayed, it might need to be removed and replaced with a crown to keep the remainder of the tooth healthy. 

Root Canal: Frequently the process of a root canal requires the removal of some of the chewing surface of the tooth so that the dentist can clean out the infected tooth root and fill the root in. This often requires a dental crown installation to replace the removed section of the tooth. 

As Part Of A Dental Bridge: Dental bridges work by using your nearby teeth as anchors for the false teeth. The abutment teeth or the surrounding teeth are given dental crowns to hold the bridge in place. 

What Other Options Are There For Tooth Replacement

Bridges are just one way to replace a tooth or a group of teeth. Many patients are more interested in dental implants because they are long-lasting and mimic the way your teeth naturally function and aesthetically look. When replacing an entire arch of teeth some people consider dentures vs All On 4 Dental Implants. Dentures of course are removable and very traditional solutions to loosing all your adult teeth. Implants can are non-removable and more accurately work how natural teeth work in both chewing as well as maintaining the structure of your jawline. 

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