Emergency & Family Dentistry Near Revere Massachusetts

Family Dental Services Near Revere, MA

Located in the center of Swampscott, MA, Whiting Dental Arts is the North Shore’s premier family dental practice, offering services for all dental needs, from routine checkups to more specialized services like root canals, dental implants, and more. We see patients from all over the North Shore including from Revere, Lynn, and the surrounding towns. Our team works with patients of all ages to provide a positive dental experience. So whether your child needs their regular check-up or you need to address a dental issue, we can help.

Our experienced and caring staff takes pride in our educational and comforting approach to dentistry and oral health. Over 50 years and thousands of patients later, Whiting Dental Arts of Swampscott has provided residents of Revere with top-notch dental care that can’t be found elsewhere, leaving patients with a healthy, shining smiles! Our team makes it a priority to make every patient, from pediatrics to the elderly, feel at home at Whiting Dental Arts whether they are regulars or a first-time visitor.

Emergency Dental Services

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Family Dental Services Near Revere Massachusetts

At Whiting Dental Arts, our team is dedicated to providing the best dental services, a positive judgement-fee dental experience, and a kid-friendly atmosphere for families. We provide a variety of dental services in a range of different categories. For example, we provide routine exams and cleanings for patients of all ages. This includes a variety of procedures including dental x-rays, preventative care, and more. Scheduling your two appointments each year ensures that dental issues never have too much time to progress. Catching the signs of decay early can be the different between recommending fluoride toothpaste and monitoring for an at-risk tooth, and needing a filling or even a root canal down the line. If you need to see a dentist for any reason, please give us a call or click below to schedule an appointment. 

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Emergency Dentistry Near Revere Massachusetts

A dental emergency is any dental issue that requires immediate attention. For example, a common group of dental emergencies involve damage to the teeth. Cracks, chips, breaks, or fully knocked adult teeth require immediate assistance. Additionally, damage to dental implements like bridges, implants, fillings, or crowns also need immediate work. You should call an emergency dentist if you have severe oral pain or recurring pain, or if you notice something feeling strange like a filling or crown getting loose. If you need an emergency dentist in the North Shore, give us a call and we will get you the appointment and oral care you need.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Near Revere Massachusetts

While our number one priority is your oral health, we understand that many people go to the dentist in order to improve their smile cosmetically as well as manage their dental health. We provide smile makeovers, which is a catch-all term for creating tailored dental solutions to help patients improve their smiles. For example, we provide both teeth whitening and Invisalign aligners which together can straighten teeth & make them shades whiter. There are also some restorative procedures like All-On-Four implants, or dental bridges that can help complete your smile. For more information, please give us a call.

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