What Is The Difference Between A Pediatric Dentist & A Family Dentist

Different dental offices have different skills, atmospheres, and preferences when it comes to the age of their patients. For example, some dentists prioritize treating children or even infants. From the aesthetic and furniture of the office to the entire staff, those offices are designed for kids. Exam rooms are outfitted with chairs that are properly sized for kids, hygienists and dentists are trained in talking & working with kids, and overall the team’s goal is to help kids have positive and healthy dental visits. But even among dental office for kids there is a distinction between a pediatric dentist and a family dentist. Continue reading to learn more, and for dental services in Swampscott Massachusetts, contact our team. 

When Does My Child Need To See A Dentist For The First Time

You might not remember your first dental visit, or you might have heard that a kid doesn’t really need to see a dentist until they have most of their primary teeth (baby teeth). But this is not true. The American Dental Association, and most dentists will recommend that children see a dentist when either their first tooth erupts or they hit six months of age. This is because even from the earliest stages of dental development it can be very helpful for a dentist to provide cleanings and exams. Often when kids wait years to see a dentist they will already have some dental decay and other issues. Plus, seeing a dentist early can help discover or track any potential issues with dental development. For children who are are only 6 months to a year old, you will likely want to work with a pediatric dentist.

What Is A Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

A board-certified pediatric dentist is a dentist who has received certification from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This is a dentist who specializes and has studied working with children. Aside from the dental knowledge needed, programs for pediatric dentists involve training in child psychology and working with kids specifically. Extra training is recommended because children’s needs are different from adults. First and foremost, communicating with children can be more difficult than communicating with adults. Additionally maintaining the health of existing adult teeth is different from tracking the development of healthy baby teeth. 

When Is My Child Old Enough To See An Adult Dentist

That usually depends on the dental office. Some dental offices actually have rules on the age of patients. Many adult dental practices might have a cutoff around 18 or 16 years old. Your child might also feel ready for a change. One of the benefits of dental offices that are designed for children can also be drawback once your kids are in high school or college. The decorations, smaller chairs, and generally personality of a kid-friendly dental office might not appeal to a teenager that is looking to feel more like a young adult. But again, it depends on your dental office. Some dental offices are designed to treat parents, teens and kids, while others are more focused on a specific age group. Consider talking to your dentist for recommendations and talk to your kids about what they are comfortable with. 

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