Should I Get a CEREC Crown or a Traditional Crown?

Oftentimes people do not realize there is an option of getting a CEREC® crown. Patients who are not aware that there is more than one type of crown go with whatever a dentist offers. Millions of people need a dental crown each year. Root canals, cracked teeth, discoloration and large cavities often lead to the need for the tooth to be covered. Being informed on the choices gives the person the ability to be involved in personal oral care. It is important to understand the differences in crowns before making the decision to get an appropriate choice for a particular situation.

CEREC® crown versus a traditional crown

What is it made of?

A Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics crown is usually made from ceramic or resin materials. The technology used to make these helps it to fit the person’s tooth more comfortably, and it matches the color to make it look more natural and feel like a real tooth thanks to 3D imaging. People are often skeptical because these crowns take such a short time to make, but the material is sturdy, and most people find it even more comfortable than metal crowns. Traditional crowns are usually made of metal, such as gold, silver or stainless steel. Although most of the time they have a good fit, these materials tend to stand out more, which makes some people feel self-conscious. These crowns get the job done but are less aesthetically pleasing than other options.

How long does it take to make each one?

One of the main benefits of the CEREC® crown is that it can be made in one visit. The impression is taken right on the spot, and the computer imaging technology creates the crown right away. The whole visit usually takes about two hours. This negates the need for a temporary crown. People who choose to go with a traditional option have to show up for multiple appointments. The impression must be made at the first appointment, but it can then take a few weeks before the crown is ready. Most patients that go with this choice have to have a temporary crown put on.

How much does one cost?

Typically, both types of crowns cost about the same. This ranges anywhere from $800 to upwards of $3,000. Insurance may help pay, but it depends on the patient’s policy. CEREC® crowns require less office visits, so this may help save money if the person has a large copay.

How long does it last?

Both types last around 10-15 years. However, this is dependent upon whether the patient practices good oral hygiene as well as what the crown is made from. If taken care of, one can sometimes last well over that time frame. Insurance companies can sometimes pay for a replacement, but the crown usually has to have reached its lifespan first.


Patients who want a more natural-looking smile should go with the CEREC® crown. No longer are the days where people have to be embarrassed about teeth. Modern technology and oral healthcare advances should allow everyone to feel and look their best. Request an appointment here: or call Whiting Dental Arts at (781) 595-0596 for an appointment in our Swampscott office.

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