Recovering From a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental procedures such as a full mouth reconstruction can be stressful on a person’s mouth and entire body. Recovering from these procedures can be involved and there are a lot of important things to know about recovery. Are you considering a full mouth reconstruction? If so, then you may find this information to be useful. Being aware of what recovery is like can help prepare someone who is getting ready for or considering a full mouth reconstruction.

Recovering from a full mouth reconstruction

The recovery process from a full mouth reconstruction can be quite involved, depending on the procedures that a person opts for. There are a lot of procedures that one can consider when thinking about having a full mouth reconstruction. Some of the most common ones include the following: – Dental implants – Orthodontic treatment such as aligners or braces – Teeth whitening – Dental crowns or bridges All of these procedures do require a period of recovery. Keep reading to find out more about that process.

Recovery immediately after a procedure

Once a procedure for a full mouth reconstruction is complete, it is likely that there will be a lot of pain or discomfort in the mouth. Immediately after the procedure, it may be best for a person to inquire about pain management such as medications. Swelling is also very likely, which can be managed by ice compresses and anti-inflammatory medications. It is best to avoid foods that are hard or sticky, as this could cause further pain while potentially putting the wound at risk. When dental implants, or even crowns, are placed, the mouth needs time to recover from the placement. Adopting a liquid or soft-food diet for a couple of days will help to ensure a healthy recovery.

Long-term recovery

Most full mouth reconstruction procedures require the patient to follow up by going to dentist appointments with the dental professional that performed the procedure, whether that be a general dentist, cosmetic dentist or an oral surgeon. These follow up appointments will allow for the mouth to be examined and evaluated. Most full mouth reconstructions involve multiple procedures, so these follow up appointments will also help determine what is next. It is also important to simply be conscious of the mouth, long term. This means avoiding extremely hard or sticky foods and practicing good oral hygiene regularly. Doing this will ensure that the procedures provide the results that the person is hoping to achieve with a full mouth reconstruction.

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