How to Recover From a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wanting more information on the wisdom tooth extraction process? Specifically, what you need to do to ensure a quick and successful recovery? When you find out that you need one or more of your wisdom teeth extracted from your mouth, it is important that you closely follow all of your dental instructions. When you understand what is required of you when recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction, your chances of experiencing any problems are minimal.

About wisdom teeth

Feeling a little nervous about your upcoming wisdom tooth extraction? Extracting a wisdom tooth is a common dental procedure these days. When wisdom teeth grow in and begin to cause problems, it is simply easier to extract them from the mouth. This third set of molars is not always needed and is the reason why extraction is often a quick decision for those who are experiencing wisdom teeth problems. Two common problems caused by wisdom teeth include teeth misalignment and impacted teeth.

How to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction

The following is a list of beneficial information that anyone can use to help them successfully recover after having one or more of their wisdom teeth extracted from their mouth. Two things that must be completely avoided are using a straw and smoking.

Know how long it takes to recover

When a dental patient knows how long it is going to take them to recover from their wisdom tooth extraction, they will know what to do and when to do it. For example, in the first 24 hours after the extraction, blood clots are forming. Two to three days later patients can expect any swelling to reduce. By the 10th day, any jaw stiffness or jaw soreness should be gone.

The first 24 hours

The gauze the dentist places over the extraction area should be kept in place for at least an hour and supports necessary blood clotting. The area should not be disturbed as the blood clot is an important part of the overall healing process. Eating soft foods and drinking plenty of liquids is recommended. Taking pain medication at this time will help reduce any discomfort and/or pain experienced. Complete rest during this time is required.

Two to three days after

Resting as much as possible is recommended, as it is important to take things slow when recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. Patients must open and close their mouth wide a few times, as this helps to relieve any stiffness. Ice packs can be used to help reduce swelling, using the 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off rule. Pain medication can still be taken as needed. Oral care should be done very carefully as to not disturb the area.

Have any questions for us?

If you have any questions about wisdom tooth extraction and/or the recovery process, we can provide you with the answers you need. As you can see by the above information, extracting wisdom teeth from a patient’s mouth is a fairly common dental procedure. It is easier to extract a wisdom tooth than trying to repair any damage it is causing to the rest of the teeth. The extraction process does not take long to perform and once it is over, it is essential that you provide yourself with the proper aftercare if you expect a successful recovery. Request an appointment here: or call Whiting Dental Arts at (781) 595-0596 for an appointment in our Swampscott office.

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