Grinding Your Teeth At Night? Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you ever find yourself waking up in the morning with a sore neck or jaw and sensitive teeth after going to sleep feeling fine? If so, you, like millions of other Americans, may be unconsciously grinding your teeth in your sleep. Unlike conscious grinding during the day time, many of those who grind teeth in their sleep have no idea they are doing so and may go years or even their whole lives without treating it.  

How Do I Know If I Am Grinding My Teeth?

There are many indicators that can point towards nighttime teeth grinding. Some of the most common indicators include headaches or earaches, neck and jaw pain and overall soreness of the mouth. These symptoms are especially pertinent if you regularly go to sleep comfortably and wake up experiencing these pains. Aside from the obvious pain these symptoms can bring, there are many other long term risks which can be associated with untreated grinding of teeth. Dental problems which are often observed in chronic teeth grinding patients are damaged teeth (chips, fractures and overall wear), teeth becoming loose and joint or muscle issues within the jaw.   

Remedies For Nighttime Teeth Grinding

There are various ways to prevent the continuation of nighttime grinding such as mouthguards, prescriptions and even stress management. A natural human reaction to stress while awake is to grind or clench teeth. Since this is a conscious reaction it is easy to recognize and prevent, however, studies show that those prone to high stress are more likely to battle unconscious nighttime grinding as well. To fight this dentists may prescribe muscle relaxers or recommend patients practice stress management techniques such as meditation before bedtime. Another common remedy is to wear a mouthguard when sleeping to prevent contact and rubbing of teeth. Unlike a mouthguard an athlete would wear, these dental mouthguards are custom molded to your teeth and low-profile making them the preferred option for most patients.  

Treating Your Teeth Grinding at Whiting Dental Arts

Above all else, regular dental visits are vital in early detection of problems such as nighttime grinding. Our wonderful staff at Whiting Dental Arts are accepting new patients and are eager to make your teeth the healthiest they can be! From helping fight teeth grinding, to pediatric dental visits and all of your dental needs in between, Whiting Dental Arts of Swampscott is the North Shore’s dental practice of choice! Contact us today to book your appointment.  

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