Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

Are Dental Veneers Permanent?

Dental veneers are common choice for cosmetic dental solutions. Dental veneers are  custom-designed synthetic shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They can help cover up a variety of cosmetic issues from cracks and chips to stained or mishappen teeth. Veneers are made using tooth-colored composite or porcelain and are a completely cosmetic treatment. Because veneers can solve so many different problems, they are often requested by patients who have issues with the way their teeth look. Continue reading for some answers to common questions about veneers, or if you live in the Swampscott Massachusetts area and are interested in learning about cosmetic treatments for your own smile, please contact our team. 

Are Dental Veneers Permanent

Most dental veneers are designed to be permanent. This means veneers are not reversible. That said, they also aren’t indestructible. Veneers can last anywhere from ten years to fifteen years, and how long they last can be influenced by how well you care for your smile. There are many different types of veneers including removable veneers. Removable veneers also called “pop-on” veneers or “snap-on” veneers can be easily removed and replaced. One of the benefits of removable veneers is that they can easily be taken off to help make it easier to eat or speak. 

Do Dental Veneers Damage The Teeth?

Dental veneers do not hurt your teeth, although they also don’t provide additional protection for your teeth. As synthetic layers in front of your teeth, there is sometimes a misconception that veneers provide extra protection from tooth decay. This is not true. The best ways to prevent tooth decay are brushing/flossing your teeth daily and seeing your dentist for regular cleanings. Veneers are not a method for preventing damage to your teeth, and are simply a cosmetic solution to cover-up imperfections on the surface of a tooth. 

Can You Have Dental Veneers Removed?

Veneers can be removed or replaced by a dentist. Obviously, if you have removable veneers like snap-ons or pop-ons, those can be removed by the patient. But all other types of veneers need to be managed by a dentist. You might consider removing veneers if the veneers are cracked, stained, or if there is tooth decay occuring between the veneer and the surface of the tooth beneath. 

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