3 Reasons to Consider Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings Swampscott, MA Modern dentistry has allowed for the creation of tooth colored fillings. They are used by general dentists to treat cavities and restore teeth so they look and feel brand new. Just like with any other type of dental filling, tooth colored ones can significantly improve a patient’s oral and dental health. Dental restorations such as fillings offer patients many benefits. They rid the mouth of infections and bring the decaying tooth back to life. It just so happens that tooth colored fillings offer others benefits. In this article, we discuss a few reasons to consider getting them.

Three reasons to consider tooth colored fillings

Tooth colored fillings offer many benefits, so below, we highlight three of them! Keep reading to find out more.


The main reason to consider tooth colored fillings is that they are natural-looking. For the longest time, the only filling options were silver or gold, which were not necessarily pleasing to the eye. When tooth colored fillings came out, they became quite popular. Having a tooth colored filling allows the patient to restore their smile, without anyone having to know. Because the materials are made of porcelain and ceramic, the color is white, which almost always matches the surrounding teeth within a patient’s mouth.


There has been a great deal of controversy about dental fillings in the past. One of the most common filling materials is known as silver amalgam, which has received backlash for containing mercury, an unsafe chemical. However, with tooth colored fillings, this is not a concern. The materials that make up these fillings contain no traces of mercury, so there are not any health-related concerns.

Strong and durable

Tooth colored fillings are made of ceramic and porcelain, which are said to be some of the most durable materials within dentistry. General dentists tend to recommend tooth-colored fillings before any other type due to their proven strength and durability. Porcelain and ceramic are used in other dental restorations and with good reason. When having a tooth filled, it is important to consider a hefty material such as porcelain or ceramic. Most general dentists state that tooth colored fillings can last anywhere from five to 15 years, depending on how well the teeth are cared for.

Other things to note

Tooth colored fillings offer many benefits to patients looking to restore their teeth. However, it is ultimately best to consult with a general dentist. In rare instances, they may recommend a specific type of filling material to best suit the patient’s needs.

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